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Jason Williams
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You’ve just taken the first step towards using my Alpha Profit Machine research service to turn every $10,000 invested into a $1.1 million fortune.

Backed by a system that crushed the market with a mind-blowing 11,400% gain over more than a decade of back tested market data...

A system set to hand you profits by 102%, 129% and even 307% starting today.

Perhaps best of all, anyone can use this service... no matter their net worth, investment experience, or age. It only takes a few minutes a month to look at the recommendations and place the trades.

And all without shorting stocks... using options... or making risky bets.

Just look at what my beta-testers are saying...

I missed the sell email so I did hold it until the morning. Made 220%!!! Thank you sir!!! If we held them until the end of the day they went up another 5-600% but who knew :) a wins a win!!!!
— Anthony Cameron

These are just a few of the 130 beta-testers who’ve had the chance to trade the Alpha Profit Machine system in real-time... and now it’s your turn.

Here's everything you get when you join my Alpha Profit Machine
service today:

  • The Alpha Profit Machine Quick-Start Guide: At just a few pages long, this is the map you need to hit the ground running and start grabbing profits now. It will show you just how easy it is to crush the market trading just a few times a month.
  • The Alpha Profit Machine Portfolio: This portfolio tracks all 10 stocks the system uses to send your profits soaring. In it you’ll get an up-to-date tally of how much the portfolio has grown from the moment my Alpha Profit Machine system went live right up through to the present day.
  • Weekly Updates: Every Monday, you’ll get a concise, easy-to-read email that clear as a bell. In it you’ll see how each of the 10 stocks in the model portfolio are performing. Also, if there are there are any new trades to make, you will receive simple-to-follow instructions on what to do. It usually takes just a few minutes to review everything and take action if needed.
  • 24/7 Access to the Alpha Profit Machine Website: You will receive an exclusive login and password to our secure Alpha Profit Machine website. This website will have every single update, report, and guide that my team and I put together.
  • A Dedicated Customer Service Team: We have a team of well-trained and educated customer service representatives who can help you with any questions you might have about your membership. You'll receive your Customer Care hotline number after you place your risk-free order.
  • How Much Is
    $1,140,000 Worth to You?

    If you were to invest $10,000 according to the Alpha Profit Machine from time of the tech wreck... through the financial crisis and the recent bull market, you would have made $1,140,000 in profits.

    And you would have crushed the paltry $6,100 you would have made in profits from a buy and hold of the S&P 500.

    That said, there are only a few other places where you’d find with a powerful system like this: a high-end hedge fund, a “family office” or perhaps one of the big global banks.

    But as Worth magazine recently put it, you’d have to be one of their elite clients — and pay a yearly fee of $250,000... $500,000 or more — just to gain access to it.

    Of course, today you won’t have to pay anywhere near that... despite the fact that the very team who engineered the Alpha Profit Machine system has engineered model portfolios for these same hedge funds, family offices and global banks.

    The bottom line is that my focus has always been to make sure anyone can gain access to market-crushing returns with Alpha Profit Machine.

    That’s why for those who take action right now... you can lock in a year of Alpha Profit Machine for just $2,999.

    Alpha Profit Machine requires commitment. Our refund policy is strict: Take 90-days to decide whether or not you’re really ready for this powerful moneymaking process. And if during that time you find you're not happy, just call us for a refund.

    However, this is only available to the first 1,000 charter members today. After that, I cannot guarantee it will be anywhere south of $2,999 again. 

    These membership spots will go fast!

    And You Get My
    "Double Your Account" Guarantee

    If the Alpha Profit Machine track record doesn’t double your account in the next year, on its way to even higher highs, simply let us know and I will give you an additional year free.

    Again, these membership spots will fill up fast at this rock bottom price... so don’t wait

    All you have to do to join me and my team on this exciting journey is to fill out the brief form below.

    Simply Fill Out the Form Below or Call (844)310-4115 to Get Started! 

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